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Welcome to Estee Lauder!!!!

Ok, does anyone really use that intro sales tactic?

Name: Tamara
Gender: F
Age: 25
Years in the business: 2
Makeup line employed under: Ex-Estee Lauder Counter Manager
Department Store/Retail Store employed under: ElderBeerman
Location: Winfield, WV
Favorite Makeup Brand: Estee Lauder, and of course, I have fav. products from every line...
Favorite Product: Oh gosh. This is too hard. Almay black eyeliner and Almay moisturizing eye makeup remover pads (ok, Walmart brands, but they are the best, esp. the eye remover...takes off anything...) and then...Double Wear foundation...yes. Oh! I can't live without Advanced Night Repair for face either!
Favorite facial feature to work with: Eyes, of course, and I like bringing the look together.
Freelancer?: Well, I would love to be a freelance makeup artist for NY fashion shows, but that hasn't happened yet...
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