Eulalia Finkletib (ping_win) wrote in deptmakeupdivas,
Eulalia Finkletib

Odd request

Name: Jasmine
Gender: F
Age: 24
Years in the business: 3
Makeup line employed under: EL (ex-employer)
Department Store/Retail Store employed under: military counter
Location: San Antonio
Favorite Makeup Brand: I love bits from just about everyone!
Favorite Product: Double Wear foundation
Favorite facial feature to work with: eyes/lips

Hi all! I joined with an ulterious motive. I quit my job a few months ago and I was curious to know that if I still qualified for my gratis. But, I don't have the Lauder gratis website anymore :( although I do have my ID and password. I don't even know if it is a universal website or different for different regions, but I figured it was worth a shot-if any Lauder rep has the website and is willing to send me the link, I'd be very, very grateful!
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Heeey! Welcome! Unfortunately I don't know the code ;_;. Just the Benefit one, heehee.

Invite people, and we can talk about the business!
Hope you've held on to your id and password...You may have gratis... I got it one more time after I quit. Check and see at